Bird Box Barcelona

Bird Box Barcelona: A Spanish-language Spinoff with Mixed Reviews

Bird Box Barcelona, the Spanish-language spinoff of the 2018 film Bird Box, has been met with mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film, which stars Mario Casas as Sebastián, a father who must protect his daughter from mysterious creatures that drive people to suicide if they look at them, has been praised for its visuals and performances. However, some critics have found the film to be too derivative of the original Bird Box.

The film’s budget was $100 million, and it has grossed over $50 million worldwide so far. Public reviews have been mostly mixed, with some critics praising the film’s ‘visually stunning’ setting and others finding it to be ‘too similar’ to the original film.

Overall, Bird Box Barcelona is a well-made film that is sure to please fans of the original. However, it may not be as original or groundbreaking as some viewers might hope.

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