Sam Smith Breaks Silence On Vocal Cord Injury

Sam Smith finally spoke out on the vocal cord injury that caused them to cancel a show in Manchester on May 24

The 'Unholy' singer revealed to fans that he just returned from a doctor's visit and got an update on 'what's happening' with his voice.

Sam addressed his fans in the video. "My vocal cords are recovering, and after a week of vocal rest, it's feeling good."

“It’s looking like I’m going to be ok for the rest of the shows, that’s really amazing news,”

Sam continued, as the production also closed upcoming concerts in Glasgow and Birmingham.

The singer then thanked her amazing Stance for all her "beautiful messages of love and healing."

Sam also apologized to fans who didn't get a chance to take in her Grammy-winning rendition because of the cancellation.

He admitted, "I still feel sorry for everyone who got kicked out of the show, these things are completely out of my control.